TFTC01: The best book you haven’t read yet – The Dinosaur Four by Geoff Jones

My name is Beren Hollins and I’m really excited to bring you the very first episode of The First Three Chapters Podcast.

Today I’ll be reading an excerpt from The Dinosaur Four by Geoff Jones. It’s a thrilling Jurassic adventure and I’m sure you’ll want to read the whole story once we’re done.

Geoff Jones spent most of his childhood in Tennessee, but often left for adventures in the worlds of John Carpenter, Stephen Spielberg, George Lucas, James Cameron, and Stephen King.


He moved to Boulder, Colorado, where he majored in Creative Writing at the University of Colorado. His honors thesis was a novella about a world overrun by dragons.


After graduation, Geoff went on to work as a video game designer, where he help craft experiences in the worlds of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Conan the Barbarian, Marvel Superheroes, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and LEGO.


Sadly, all of the game studios Geoff worked for have shut down (some while he was employed and some after he had left). He moved into a more stable job as a product manager for a data analysis company, but missed the creativity and storytelling of his former career, so he turned to writing as a side hobby.


Geoff wrote The Dinosaur Four over three years and published it in May of 2014. Actually, he wrote the book in about a year and then spent two more years revising and polishing. As a video game designer, Geoff had learned to rely on testers to make sure that his games delivered the best possible experience. He turned to beta readers and a professional editing service to fill this role for his novel.


One inspiration for The Dinosaur Four was the film Alien, where all of the characters begin on equal footing and the one who ends up being the hero isn’t who you initially thought it would be. And the villain (other than the alien) is slowly revealed as the story unfolds.


Another inspiration was The Mist, from Stephen King’s collection, Skeleton Crew, which put regular folks in an extraordinary situation. The Dinosaur Four doesn’t have any mathematicians, paleontologists, or big game hunters, just regular, flawed, everyday people.


Finally, the ending of The Dinosaur Four was inspired by Geoff’s favorite film, Jaws, with its heart-pounding showdown between man and monster.


Geoff is always happy to hear from his readers, and you can find contact information at

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